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Plastic free bottles for commercial cleaning products

Published 20th March, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Plastic free bottles for commercial cleaning products

Innovative Biovate Hygienics has announced the launch of one of the world’s first plastic-free paper bottles for commercial cleaning products.

The fast-growing start-up was co-founded last year by Nick Winstone with a mission to drive sustainable change in all markets that use cleaning products. Its ‘Zero Compromise’ range – in which Biovate Hygienics has committed over £100,000 – features 500ml ultra concentrates of floor and wall degreasers and washroom and multi-purpose cleaners.

The new products are all multi-tasking, taking care of numerous cleaning tasks and they also use naturally derived bacteria, enzymes and plant-based actives for their primary cleaning power. Although highly concentrated, cleaning products are not corrosive and do not contain any petroleum derived ingredients. In their diluted form the products are not an irritant or classified in anyway.

Nick Winstone said: “In a time of economic hardship, we have ensured that the range is incredibly cost effective, amounting to just a few pence per spray bottle. Our multi-purpose cleaner concentrate 500ml makes up to 250 spray bottles. Commercial cleaning products tend to have traditional fragrances, so we’ve launched the range with contemporary and sustainable perfumes such as Rhubarb Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Mandarin Floor & Wall Degreaser and our Rhubarb Washroom Cleaner. Our plastic-free bottle is made in the UK using sustainably sourced vegetable waste fibre paper pulp. This makes the bottle not only plastic free but it’s also created using materials that would otherwise be discarded. This sustainable sourcing also means that no trees were cut down in the production of our new bottles, helping to reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint.”

The bottle’s interior features a bio liner that protects the inside, preventing contact with Biovate’s liquid cleaning products. This coating is made from natural pure plant sap latex while the outer case is infused with natural seaweed extract for added water resistance and helping to break down the paper fibres quicker, if composted.

Nick continued: “Paper is more easily recycled than plastic and breaks down naturally when composted without creating harmful micro plastics. In contrast to plastic that can only be recycled up to six times in most cases, our unique plant-based paper bottle can be recycled indefinitely or composted, allowing two alternative means of disposal."

Biovate Hygienics, which is based near Towcester, Northamptonshire, has recently completed a successful first year of trading with more than £2 million in sales achieved. The company primarily focuses on providing bio products to housekeeping, hospitality, care, and general cleaning sectors.

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