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PhD research considers FM operational efficiency

Published 25th June, 2021 by Neil Nixon

PhD research considers FM operational efficiency

Owing to his belief that FM operational efficiency has been overlooked, Daniel J R Matthews (pictured) has conducted four years of PhD research to close the gap.

He explained: “My quantitative research study explored the identification and elimination of excessive production in facilities management cleaning operations within UK shopping centres. Excessive production being a category of Muda, traditionally utilised in manufacturing and production environments, and is effectively waste within a process or operation that adds no value to the customer, thus is a non-value-added action. And therefore, should be removed to improve operational efficiency.

“With consideration that efficiency improvements are available in operations outside of manufacturing and production environments, and that UK shopping centres contain FM cleaning operations in which these efficiency improvements could be possible, the significance of this study was achieved. Varying relationships were found with the dependent variable, excessive production, from statistically testing 107 survey questionnaire responses from front-line cleaning operators from 12 UK shopping centres covering all four UK shopping centre REVO classifications: regional, sub-regional, local, and neighbourhood schemes.

“My research confirmed that service delivery method (TFM or soft services only), in-house/outsource, management presence, and UK shopping centre classification do not impact the level of excessive production, and therefore do not affect operational efficiency. The utilisation, however, of continuous improvement and performance measurement in FM cleaning operations positively impacts the level of excessive production, improving operational efficiency. The findings from my research extend the knowledge of efficiency in FM, and have led to the development of a facilities management efficiency database, from which benchmarking is now possible.

“The Rigby Morrison facilities management efficiency database provides a measure by which to audit, and subsequently improve, FM operational efficiency. The 14 Lean Operations Audits already completed by Rigby Morrison have delivered significant benefits in all aspects of their respective operations. To date, the Lean Operations Audits have recommended 328 actions to improve the efficiency of their operations, and uncovered 97 elements that represent ‘best practice’.”

To find out more about Daniel Matthews’ PhD research, or how Rigby Morrison can help you maximise efficiency in your FM operation, visit:

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