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Parrs Wood High School presented for recycling credentials

Published 23rd September, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Parrs Wood High School presented for recycling credentials

Parrs Wood High School, a comprehensive high school based in Manchester, has been presented with a cheque for £463, accumulated through recycling of paper with B&M Waste Services. Prior to working with B&M Waste Services, Parrs Wood High School had no recycling in place. Keen to ensure that its waste was being recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, a group of students formed ‘the Co2 team’, dedicated to making the school more sustainable.

Through the implementation of on-site recycling bins and a secure shredding service, B&M is able to ensure that waste produced from the school is properly segregated. To date, the new waste management strategy has been a hit amongst both students and teachers, ultimately leading to a monetary rebate from the school’s paper recycling. The 75 paper-specific bins have ensured that waste is properly segregated, meaning that the paper waste can be baled and sold - ultimately creating a profit for the school.

Amber Greenhalgh, commercial director at B&M Waste, said: “Parrs Wood High School is a fantastic example of outstanding commitment to not only educating children about the importance of sustainable waste strategies, but following through to ensure they practice what they preach in terms of successful waste minimisation and recycling processes across the school. They even ran a previous poster competition to design posters across the school about the recycling options available.”

Chris Baker, a teacher at Parrs Wood High School, said: “Having worked with Parrs Wood for several years, B&M has now ensured 100% of the school’s waste is diverted from landfill, a massive benefit for the environment. Now that recycling levels are so good, the student leaders’ next goal is to reduce the amount of waste produced by the school, and they discussed ideas with B&M’s Amber Greenhalgh and Ian Mckenzie. In particular they discussed how to reduce plastic waste and what type of packaging and cutlery were most recyclable. Based on this advice the students are now preparing a campaign to reduce the amount of waste generated in school.”

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