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Orbis MotorScrubber 20 tackles hard to reach areas

Published 16th August, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Orbis MotorScrubber 20 tackles hard to reach areas

The cleaning of tricky, hard to reach areas is made easier thanks to the versatile Orbis MotorScrubber 20, a brand new product now available from Truvox International.

Ideal for retail, healthcare, leisure and education environments, the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 reaches the parts other scrubbing machines cannot reach thanks to its telescopic handle and portability. Confined spaces in food service areas, toilets, stairwells, storerooms, behind and beneath counters and beds, can be cleaned thoroughly and easily thanks to its manoeuvrability and special features:

• 12 volt battery backpack is light in weight, making it comfortable to carry for cleaning operatives.
• Cordless machine reduces the risk of trips and falls thanks to the lack of trailing leads, enhancing health and safety.
• Provides four-hour runtime for maximum productivity.
• 20cm cleaning width makes hard to reach areas easily accessible.
• 75cm handle gives a long reach, making the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 perfect for cleaning walls as well as floors.
• Full starter kit includes telescopic handle, battery and harness, 110cm coiled battery cable, aggressive strength scrubbing brush and drive board, plus scrubbing, spray cleaning, dry buffing and microfibre multipurpose floor pads.

This lightweight, cordless scrubbing machine is highly portable, easily moved between locations to tackle different areas and cleaning needs. The scrubber head can be immersed into water, ready to start cleaning, and a number of optional accessory brushes and pads are also available.

Dan Childs, UK field sales manager for Truvox International, said: “The Orbis MotorScrubber 20 is the perfect complement to existing cleaning equipment, enabling operatives to 'access all areas'. Confined spaces can be difficult to clean, but this new machine handles any situation brilliantly, thanks to its lightness in weight and innovative design features.”

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