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Opportunity to reduce plastic waste

Published 17th September, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Opportunity to reduce plastic waste

Two suppliers to the food service sector have teamed up in a bid to drive environmental best practice, with the aim of reducing the number of single use milk poly bottles that go to landfill or find their way into our oceans.

West Horsley Dairy, the family-owned food service distributor and supplier of dairy products, is offering its customers the full range of British-made, all-natural cleaning products from Delphis Eco, which are not only environmentally friendly but come in packaging made from the recycled milk poly bottles.

Director, Catherine Colton, explained that a chance meeting created awareness of the initiative which the dairy, as a champion of sustainability best practice, immediately embraced: “We are very aware of the implications of our customers using plastic milk bottles and the ‘unintended consequences’ when it comes to disposing of single use plastic waste” she said. “The figures are worrying with estimates that nearly 40 million poly bottles are used in the UK every day and only 20 million of those are recycled. We all need to do more. This is a ground-breaking symbiotic relationship and enables our customers - who all have cleaning needs - to make a real difference. When restaurants and operators talk about ‘nose to tail’, this is the plastic equivalent in closing the loop on how plastic in the dairy industry is used and recycled, giving a ‘second life’ to ‘single life’ plastic and encouraging consumers and businesses to recycle more back into the chain. Indeed, they can be used again and again. We’re delighted to be offering the full range of Delphis Eco’ cleaning products which are highly effective, yet do not use caustic ingredients that are toxic to the environment. This relatively small British producer has led the way and put big brands to shame in the way they have pioneered what was originally the UK’s first 100% recycled packaging, made from single-use milk poly bottles. It’s a fantastic initiative and we are very excited to be sharing this opportunity with our customers, many of whom share our passion for best practice in sustainability.”

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