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One-stop-shop for battery supplies

Published 2nd July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

One-stop-shop for battery supplies

UK Powertech, a specialist supplier of battery accessories and components for industrial trucks and floor cleaners, is to launch its one stop shop solution specifically for battery servicing for all industrial floor cleaners and fork lift trucks.

The one stop shop solution will offer service companies and those who keep the UK’s forklift fleets operational, a quicker way to obtain battery parts for trucks and machines.

UK Powertech stocks all battery related parts and special parts can be manufactured in house and usually produced within two to three days.

The company, which buys direct from the manufacturers, offers a complete range of accessories, including Intercell connectors and take offs, plug-in sockets and battery watering systems, which includes a battery operated watering cart and pressure bottle to feed the system, battery monitoring accessories, as well as cable, lugs, heat- shrink etc.

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