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Oil-trapping mat absorbs up to three litres of fluid

Published 26th September, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Oil-trapping mat absorbs up to three litres of fluid

MEWA, the textile service specialist, has launched the MEWA Multitex hazardous fluid trapping mat for the UK market. This mat provides an underlay for repair and maintenance tasks, or in sensitive areas around machinery and equipment. It is so absorbent that it can soak up to three litres of fluids before needing to be replaced.

MEWA’s Multitex absorbent mat offers a simple and efficient way to keep the workplace and floor free from contamination and hazardous fluids. It replaces the need for sand, granules or plastic tubs and is a reusable solution that offers a cost-effective way to manage hazardous waste. The secret of the mat’s success is that it immediately transports fluid from the outer fabric to the absorbent, inner core, allowing the surface to remain relatively dry. Available in a 60x90cm towel format, the MEWA Multitex mat can be used as a standalone item, or as several mats placed side by side for larger areas.

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