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Office germs reduced by 78% in independent test

Published 28th October, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Office germs reduced by 78% in independent test

A trial of one of the UK’s leading brands of air sanitisation systems in an office environment has been found to reduce harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens by 78%.

A SteraSpace 80 (PMA60) air sanitisation unit, supplied by Airdri, was installed at the HQ of Service Electrical Distributors Ltd where six employees are based. Air plate samples were taken as a baseline before the unit was installed and then subsequent test samples were taken from the same positions 14 days later, when the reduction was recorded.

The sanitiser unit was running continuously throughout this time to assess potential impact this may have on the microbial content of the air. The testing plates were positioned around the outer edges of the room.

Marc Redfern, managing director at the firm, said: “Our staff are the lifeblood of this business and their safety and health is of paramount importance to me as the business owner. We work in very close proximity in the office, and obviously we’ve all taken an interest in rates of coronavirus infection, which has had a knock-on effect on the confidence of staff, some being more nervous than others. I want everyone to be at ease when they’re working together so closely. We have taken many other measures such as hand sanitiser gels, masks and screens on desks, but they’re not always practical and constantly cleaning desks everyday became very time consuming. We also have a close bond with several key customers who we like to welcome into our business, and we wanted to ensure they feel safe to be there. I hadn’t come across an air and surface santiser before, and I have to admit I was intrigued. We did an initial test to see how much bacteria were in the office and found a 78% reduction after only two weeks of operating the SteraSpace unit. I was extremely impressed with the results and will be recommending it to my customers for their own offices. I think everybody should have one, especially working in the times we are.”

Steve Whittall, head of R&D at Airdri, said: “With many of Britain’s workers heading back to the office, employers are searching for new ways to protect their staff from infectious diseases. Coronavirus and other respiratory infections such as flu usually peak in the colder months, leading some experts to suggest that levels of absenteeism in this winter could be unprecedented. Air sanitisation is being proven time and again to be a positive step that can be taken to protect employees from the winter onslaught. The innovative technology that works continuously in the background to eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air and on surfaces has shown extremely positive results when used in various real-life settings. We’ve seen positive results in all of our tests no matter what the setting, from clinical, dentistry, schools and now offices, the technology has been shown to dramatically reduce airborne pathogens.”

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