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Odournet trial demonstrates deodorising success

Published 4th April, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Odournet trial demonstrates deodorising success

Greenteck Global produces a range of trioxygen-powered units used for degreasing, deodorising and sanitising: from conference hall sized models to single-room units small enough to plug into a domestic electrical socket.

The strength and effectiveness of trioxygen (or ozone) has long been recognised but until now, it seems, its effectiveness in the UK has never been scientifically put to the test. Greenteck Global contacted Bristol-based Odournet to undertake the trial and produce a report of its findings, available on-line at the company’s website. The trial was undertaken at the Peterborough offices of CK Direct, one of the country’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction, steel fabrication and odour control solutions to the commercial kitchen and catering industry. A custom-built kitchen was constructed on-site, including an extraction system incorporating three GreenTeck Global 64g trioxygen units with fresh-air feed. Throughout the course of the trial as many as 50 burgers were cooked and 500gms of chips fried every 10 minutesrepresenting a ‘worst case’ scenario for odour and grease-generating condition.

The trial was conducted at the end of last year but the results of the just-published Odournet Report are striking, and include: odour concentration was reduced by 49%; and particulate concentration was significantly reduced.

Full details of the findings can be found at:

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