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Northwood launches employee portal

Published 12th September, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Northwood launches employee portal

Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd has announced the launch of a new employee portal, which is designed to empower employees, prioritise their safety, and boost engagement across the organisation.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, this innovative new employee portal marks a significant step in Northwood's commitment to create an exceptional workplace culture and support the wellbeing and growth of its team of more than 850 people who work across 10 sites in the UK.

The ‘MyNorthwood’ portal brings a host of benefits for Northwood employees including wellbeing resources to promote physical and mental, social and financial wellbeing, employee benefits to enhance work-life balance and satisfaction and a communication hub that provides real-time updates, news, and events to keep employees informed and engaged in the company's mission.

Dawn Roberts, Human Resources Director at Northwood, said: "Our employee portal represents a major step forward in creating a workplace that prioritises the wellbeing and development of our colleagues. It has enabled us to build on our existing flexible benefits offering, and design a platform where colleagues have everything at their fingertips."

The Northwood employee portal is not just a resource hub but a mark of Northwood’s commitment to nurture growth, security, and a strong sense of belonging among its workforce. It is set to redefine the way Northwood employees experience the workplace and promote a culture of growth and excellence.

Provided by Personal Group, the key features of the employee portal include:

Wellbeing Resources - access to a comprehensive suite of resources promoting physical and mental, social and financial wellbeing, ensuring employees' holistic health.

Manager Toolkit - equipping leaders with the tools necessary to guide the employee lifecycle effectively.

Employee Benefits - a showcase of extensive benefits and perks offered to employees, enhancing their work-life balance and satisfaction.

Policies - transparent access to company policies, fostering clarity, and trust in the workplace.

Communications Hub - real-time updates, news, and events that keep employees informed and engaged in the company's mission.

Payslip Access - convenient and secure access to payslips, streamlining financial information for employees.

Holiday Booking - an easy-to-use platform for planning and booking holidays, enhancing flexibility in work-life arrangements.

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