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No damage, just PURfect results!

Published 28th March, 2013 by Neil Nixon

No damage, just PURfect results!

Vileda Professional has announced the latest addition to its PU (polyurethane) coated products range - PURmicro microfibre cleaning cloth. This innovative new product is claimed to be the UK's first knitted microfibre cloth with a PU coating, which allows for super-easy rinsing. The cloth is proven to hold 4000% less dirt particles after rinsing compared to a conventional knitted microfibre cloth, which dramatically reduces the risk of damage to sensitive surfaces.

"The new PU coating also means the cloth retains less water after wringing," said Karen Barker, marketing manager for Vileda Professional. "Customers can experience fast drying and a streak free finish, with fantastic results on all surfaces including glass, which will enhance a site's overall image.”

The new PURmicro microfibre cloth combines the best characteristics of microfibre cleaning performance coupled with the advanced performance of the PU coating. It can be washed up to 600 times, offering a durable, low cost in-use wiping solution.

Also part of the PU coated products range is PUR Active, an easy grip foam backed scourer. Its completely seamless PU surface rinses clean of dirt particles and lifts the dirt rather than abrasively removing it. This significantly reduces the risk of scratching or damaging the surface compared to a traditional abrasive scourer.

Both PURmicro and PUR Active are available in four colours so users can apply a cleaning process according to hygiene standards and HACCP principles.

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