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Niche cleaning opportunity for Weaver Property Management

Published 25th June, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Niche cleaning opportunity for Weaver Property Management

Based on the von Schrader Esprit, the newly introduced Aridex machine uses the same low moisture technology but has been designed especially for smaller commercial facilities within the British market. In fact, many owner operators are now finding that the Aridex can also open up new niche marketing opportunities, especially when working with delicate and expensive fabrics and upholstery.

This is a scenario perfectly illustrated by David Weaver of Weaver Property Management in Rutland, who now uses the Aridex System when working with local antique dealers and with some of his private customers.

The company is already well known in the area for its specialist ability to deal with delicate luxury carpets and upholstery and was recently called in to look at two 100 year old French chairs, a matching pair in carved wood. The customer had requested that they were to be freshened up a little but not reupholstered to maintain the authenticity. There were problems to overcome - the fabric, on account of its age, was extremely delicate with loose threads and in a few places the fringe had become detached. Wet cleaning would have seriously damaged the fabric even further and would have caused the filling, hessian or horse hair, to stain the fabric and detergent would have bleached out the colour altogether - too much agitation from hard brushes would also have compromised the ageing cotton.

David Weaver said: “The Aridex system was the only answer - the machine ensured that we had total control over the drying time, detergent ph strength and agitation. The chairs were firstly vacuumed carefully, revealing that the fabric on the arms of the chairs was badly stretched and therefore incredibly fragile. We then hand massaged the Aridex’s foam into the fabric and because it dried in a matter of minutes there was never any danger of browning or staining. The end result was as near perfect as could be attained and the chairs will now hopefully carry on looking their best for another 100 years!”

Mike Egerton, managing director of Host von Schrader UK, said: “The Aridex is an extremely versatile system and offers numerous opportunities to work with and successfully clean fine and delicate fabrics and upholstery. Its integrated vacuum is used to remove dry soil. Having removed the dry soil, the machine generates a thick detergent foam. The millions of foam bubbles encapsulate and emulsify any sticky soil that remains on the upholstery fabric. This foam is brushed onto and into the surface of the upholstery by the Aridex’s unique brushing system. The brush head has two counter rotating brushes and this means that even the most delicate of fabric can be cleaned. After brushing the soiled foam is removed by the vacuum. Upholstery is generally dry and ready for use within two hours. Because limited moisture is used - at least 90% less water is used that comparable wet systems - fabric has less chance of fabric shrinkage. The range of detergents available means that virtually all fabrics can be cleaned safely, there is even a detergent specifically designed for leather. All detergents are safe, non toxic and biodegradable.”

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