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New scrubber driers have the Edge

Published 3rd December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

New scrubber driers have the Edge

Edge has added two new models to its popular range of scrubber driers. The A3 and A8 models have been introduced in response to changing demands of the contract cleaning sector. The new models have innovative design features giving them a working capacity of between 1575m2/h and 2200m2/h.

Reflecting the group's emphasis on build quality, function and efficiency, they are durable, lightweight and require only a standard power supply. Edge technical director, Bob White, said: “The A3 and A8 are designed to be very portable but with excellent cleaning capabilities and improved drying. They are suitable for use in supermarkets and showrooms such as car dealerships where they need to keep their floors in pristine condition. They are also robust enough to carry out cleaning on factory floors."

The lightweight A3 45BT model is just 50kg yet has 400w brush motor power and a 370w vacuum motor, rising to 400w with the 65kg A3 455E model. The A3 models come with the option of interchangeable bristle brushes: soft for delicate floors and abrasive for industrial ones. They also have a filling level indicator of the solution tank and an easily accessible recovery tank which can be discharged with an adjustable flow.

The A8 models have up to 600w brush motor power with has an easy and intuitive control panel, a recovery tank with inspection window, solution tank and large diameter drive wheels with the option of front and an on board charger.

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