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New range of wheelie bin washers

Published 4th December, 2013 by Neil Nixon

New range of wheelie bin washers

There are seven bin washers in the 2013/14 range ranging from Morclean's entry level 'Mono' bin lift all the way up to its heavy duty Trojan. All specifications can be found at along with an example of potential earnings from this piece of kit. The bin washers can also be leased.

The Morclean bin washers are sturdy and engineered fully self contained, purpose built wheeled bin cleaning machines. Morclean bin cleaners provide owners and operators with an economical entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. All you need is a vehicle capable of towing a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service. The machines can be statically sited for use in commercial and industrial facilities too and are multi purpose instruments that can deliver cleaning solutions for driveways, patios, decking and more.

Developments for the 2014 range include: improved water filtration system; new seals and fixings; improved system for removing the filtration tray; improved fastening device for filtration tray; countersunk bolts in the filtration tray to avoid problems when cleaning and making it easier to empty; improved fixing for the main water tank; and blue (on all except the Mono), higher quality water tank to reflect the range developments that are also easier to keep clean and tidy.

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