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New industry report calls for radical change in the global textile industry

Published 19th August, 2021 by Neil Nixon

New industry report calls for radical change in the global textile industry

The publication of an in-depth report from PCIAW and Business in the Community (BITC) could radically alter the way we make, use and dispose of our textiles and bring about transformational change to benefit the environment.

The textiles industry is the second biggest polluter globally, after aviation. PCIAW aims to reduce excess consumption, getting businesses on board with the message. Textiles account for 10% of global carbon emissions, 20% of global industrial wastewater pollution and less than 1% of material used in the production of clothing is recycled into new clothing at its end-of-life stage.

This report on circular textiles serves as a guide for the government-backed Textiles 2030 initiative, which aims to massively cut textile waste and has been created as an overview of the current state of the sector. It reviews current principles and practices in the textile industry and focuses on the present facilities available for recycling technologies and renewable energy.

Yvette Ashby, CEO of PCIAW, said: “We are proud to share this extensive, first of its kind report, which educates the industry on the current and emerging textile recycling technologies, complete with case studies from world leading professional clothing companies and universities. We hope that the textiles industry takes the necessary steps to accelerate a circular textile economy once and for all.”

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