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New dishwasher range delivers professional results for offices

Published 15th January, 2019 by Neil Nixon

New dishwasher range delivers professional results for offices

A new semi-commercial dishwasher range from the professional division of Miele promises shorter cycle times thanks to its intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heater pump. Able to complete a cycle in as little as 17 minutes for those with three phase electrics, the new ProfiLine range of dishwashers is a professional solution for busy spaces with a high throughput of washing up, such as office kitchens.

Miele’s PG 813X range has also been designed to help businesses meet their sustainability targets, achieving dishwashing results using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergent than is necessary. The dishwashers use less water than previous models and have been awarded an A++ energy rating. The range is available as free-standing, built-in, integrated or fully integrated, so there is a dishwasher to suit all types of kitchen.

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