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Nelson launches Glass-Dry

Published 30th June, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Nelson launches Glass-Dry

Nelson has launched Glass-Dry, an innovative solution to a problem shared by many busy bar operators having to resort to using hot, wet glasses straight from the glasswasher, a practice which will inevitably have a detrimental impact on whatever drink they’re used for.

Although glasses taken from a glasswasher will eventually air dry, this will take around forty minutes so any establishment running short of glassware must use them as they are or resort to drying them with a cloth, risking possible cross contamination.

The Glass-Dry slashes the drying time to just four minutes and is perfect for all types of glasses. It works by drawing air in via its base and circulating it around the glasses through its grid plate. The cooling action, meanwhile, is achieved by the velocity of air passing over the glasses, reducing the glass temperature to just below ambient which means they can be utilised immediately.

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