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Nano coating technology to protect school pupils, staff and parents

Published 14th January, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Nano coating technology to protect school pupils, staff and parents

New innovative antimicrobial surface protection, developed in German laboratories for East Yorkshire based company, Cicada, is helping schools and businesses remain open during COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.

Pupil safety is the highest priority at Hull Collegiate School, where additional measures to create the safest environment possible are in place. Whilst appraising existing health and safety procedures and cleaning methods in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Hull Collegiate leadership team felt the extra level of protection for all touch surfaces had potential to reduce the threat of infections in the school environment.

Noel Parkinson, director at Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection, said: “The coating forms a nano-scale layer of glass over the surface of base materials which not only makes them easier to clean as it repels liquid and dirt, it also provides a protective antimicrobial layer to constantly kill viruses, bacteria, moulds, and fungi. The microbe is physically killed as the surface punctures the cell’s outer wall, rendering it inactive.”

Deputy head, Chris Wainman, said: “In line with Government guidance we want to provide pupils with ongoing access to their education in school, within the safest possible environment. Local COVID-19 cases are at the highest levels in the UK, therefore the health and safety of pupils and staff has been at the forefront of our decision to use Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection. The use of this treatment gives us confidence that we are taking every possible measure to protect pupils and their families.”

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