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Multi-purpose sweeper and snow mover

Published 24th December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Multi-purpose sweeper and snow mover

The unpredictable nature of the UK’s weather makes snow hard to deal with when it does eventually arrive. In many parts of the UK snow may only be a few inches deep, but can still cause problems for vehicles and pedestrians, often resulting in high expense through loss of business or for last-minute labour or hire charges to clear snow.

Kärcher’s new KM 80 W P is a walk-behind petrol-powered sweeper that doubles up as a snow mover. The machine is perfect for all-season sweeping of typical outdoor debris in public areas, such as leaves, litter and cigarette ends, and can be fitted with a dirt hopper to collect debris, or can simply brush debris to one side (such as for removing leaves from paths). When snow falls, the machine can be used to keep pathways and car parks clear, either with the sweeping brush on its own, or with the optional snow plough for snow deeper than a few inches. Both the dirt hopper and snow plough can be fitted or removed in a few seconds and without tools.

The KM 80 features a proven, reliable, pull start Honda petrol engine that provides traction to both wheels, and the machine’s height adjustment allows for different surface and dirt types, as well as compensating for eventual brush wear. This neat package is completed by a folding handle that enables the machine to be transported and stored easily.

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