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More cleaning power from Makita

Published 22nd June, 2022 by Neil Nixon

More cleaning power from Makita

Makita has expanded its range of XGT 40VMax vacuum cleaners. The VC002GL, VC004GL and VC005GL XGT 40VMax L-Class vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed for the building maintenance industry.

All three machines deliver a maximum sealed suction of 23kPa and the VC005GL can be used for dry vacuuming tasks - and the VC002GL and VC004GL are both suitable for vacuuming finer, airborne particles.

To keep users working disruption free for longer, the VC002GL, VC004GL and VC005GL can hold two XGT 40VMax batteries, so that when the first battery runs out of charge, the second automatically kicks in. All models have large tank capacities to prevent regular work breaks to empty the tank. The VC002GL and VC004GL also include an automatic self-cleaning filter to prevent blockages and ensure optimum efficiency.

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