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Maximum Eco range launched

Published 5th May, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Maximum Eco range launched

Greyland has launched its Maximum Eco range, consisting of ‘genuinely green’ cleaning products following two years of research and development. According to Greyland, it is the first comprehensive product line of its kind that includes not only a UK-sourced probiotic enzymes range, but also a water-based range as well.

Probiotics work by using eco-friendly bacteria to colonise surfaces. The Maximum Eco Water-based range offers products that are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life.

James Brough, Greyland’s sales director, said: “I was dissatisfied with the multitude of so-called ‘green’ designated products that were often awarded the accolade merely by not having chemicals specifically banned included in the contents. Many suppliers just used green dots in their literature and labelling to convey a sense that the buyer was doing ‘the right thing’. We felt that this was just not good enough. So with Maximum Eco we have split the range into probiotic and water-based products. But we haven’t stopped there. While some manufacturers are importing recycled bottles from all over the world, where does that leave their carbon footprint? We at Greyland, on the other hand, have not only increased the recycled plastics content of our bottles from 24% to 31% just recently, but as from 1 April, we are increasing the recycled content even further, to 40% UK sourced post-consumer use plastics. Furthermore, while some ‘bio’ companies are importing enzymes, ours are sourced in the UK.”

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