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Manchester Fort ‘recycling champion’

Published 4th November, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Manchester Fort ‘recycling champion’

Working together to develop innovative and sustainable waste and recycling processes across the 325,000sq/ft Manchester Fort Shopping Centre site, B&M Waste Services and the facilities team have awarded Manchester Fort employee Keith Johnson ‘recycling champion’ for his pivotal role in aiding the implementation of a successful recycling strategy.

Food waste recycling has been a key element, as well as promoting the reduction across the site of single use plastic where possible. Cardboard, wood, metal, food, glass, and general waste are all separated and sorted on-site with Johnson’s help. He is responsible for loading the baler and compactor on-site as well as moving waste around site on a carbon zero electric truck.

Derek Askew, centre manager, said: “It’s been fantastic working with B&M Waste which has helped develop a recycling process which suits our needs and improves the experience for our customers and tenants. My team on-site has been crucially important in ensuring the success of the sorting of waste on-site, and B&M Waste has ensured our recycling levels have increased and production of single use items has started to decrease across the site. Well done to Keith for all his hard work and becoming the first of many recycling champions at Manchester Fort. We look forward to our next project with B&M Waste in which we are looking to reduce food waste produced on-site.”

Steve Dale, key account manager from B&M Waste, said: “I am always happy to support Derek and the team with ongoing improvements to minimise waste production on-site and ensure as much as possible of the waste produced is recycled. The waste minimisation ideas are ongoing, and the focus at the moment is to work with the tenants and customers as well as the facilities team to reduce single use plastics produced. Our next project for food waste minimisation will include on-site training of tenants which will highlight the impact reducing food waste will have on the environment. Food waste will be separated from other waste and sent directly to anaerobic digestion to generate power. As a carbon neutral company we always focus on sustainable waste management solutions for our customers. I’d like to congratulate Keith and entire Manchester Fort team for the significant improvements they’ve helped to achieve.”

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