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Maintenance-free, durable and long shelf-life battery range

Published 11th June, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Maintenance-free, durable and long shelf-life battery range

DBS Leoch has launched new range of Superior Lead Carbon AGM (SLCA) batteries to provide a long-life and super-fast charging power solution, ideal for markets such as cleaning and maintenance, solar and renewables, motorhome and caravan, marine, golf carts, and materials handling.

The new SLCA range can charge up to 90% in just three hours. It is designed for deep cycle performance with a positive plate formula to minimise water consumption and provide a longer service life at 1500 cycles at 50% DoD (depth of discharge). A unique mixture of carbon and other key additives found in negative material allow the SLCA range to perform in partial state of charge (PSoC). This increases charge acceptance, optimises fast charging capability and reduces sulphation (a key reason for premature failure).

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