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Lorraine Larman launches Safety Solutions

Published 28th June, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Lorraine Larman launches Safety Solutions

Lorraine Larman has launched Safety Solutions, an all-encompassing solution to safety in the workplace. Lorraine Larman has spent over 20 years in the cleaning and FM industry where her passion for educating others has created an innovative safety training solution for all organisations.

Safety Solutions not only encompasses all workplace safety solutions at its best value, but the training is delivered by Lorraine Larman herself, who is highly respected within her field and currently sits on the Cleaning Industry Liaising Forum for the strategy group at the HSE and has industry involvement with IOSH, the CSSA, the WCEC Education Committee, bringing the importance of safety to the forefront to deliver and offer a solution. She is at the top of her profession as an IOSH chartered member, and has a natural ability for training, mentoring and coaching. She believes safety is a core part of all businesses and that it has never been so important to protect human health and raise awareness to the risks of everyone’s safety, occupational health and wellbeing to provide a safe and positive workplace environment.

Lorraine Larman can be contacted at: