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Loo of the Year Awards 2021

Published 12th April, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Loo of the Year Awards 2021

The cleanliness, maintenance and management of washrooms has never been more important than now during the COVID-19 epidemic. When customers and staff need to use the loo they need to know the washrooms they use meet their needs, and importantly they should not use washroom facilities in premises that do not.

How does your company assess how clean and well maintained the washrooms that you are responsible for are? Do you have an independent assessment based on up to 101 criteria for those toilets you are responsible for? How do you benchmark your achievements against your competitors? Does your company and its cleaning staff receive recognition for a job well done? Entering washrooms into the annual Loo of the Year Awards is a way of receiving an independent assessment and recognition of the standards achieved based on ‘the washroom standard’ for the UK.

Mike Bone, awards managing director, said: “Companies and institutions of all sizes and in all market sectors throughout the UK use their annual entries in the Loo of the Year Awards as a proven, cost effective and independent annual assessment of their standards. We provide the assessment, recognition and promotion of their success in washroom provision, cleaning and this vital element of facilities management. Leading cleaning and FM companies compete for a range of national awards and UK/Ireland trophies.

The Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards are a unique and integral part of Loo of the Year Awards but relate specifically to the cleaning staff that look after facilities, rather than the washrooms themselves. All attendants and/or cleaning staff employed by the entrant and working at the entry location will automatically be entered for a Washroom Cleaner of the Year Award.

Entries are now being received for the 2021 Loo of the Year Awards (closing date for entries is 30 June). Unannounced inspections will be completed during July, August and September. There are a range of national and overall winner awards and trophies which will be presented at an event to be held on Friday 3 December.

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