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Lone worker device boosts protection

Published 7th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Lone worker device boosts protection

Ctrack has launched a new personal tracking and panic alarm device suitable for all lone worker, security and workforce management environments. Ctrack ICE2 is designed to provide businesses with peace of mind regarding the safety of their workforce in the field and give mobile employees added protection against potential risks.

The handheld device possesses a range of functionality to better protect mobile workers. This includes an SOS assistance panic alarm to alert of an incident or problem and auto answer to enable office-based operators to open a communication channel with a Ctrack ICE2 unit when an employee cannot be reached. Meanwhile, intelligent reporting modes mean that the device can either update location data at fixed intervals or automatically increase the update rate when movement is detected.

Ctrack ICE2 provides real-time and historical location data to monitor the whereabouts and safety of a remote workforce through a sophisticated software suite. In particular, safe or no-go zones can be created using the web interface to ensure employees remain inside, or out of, an allocated area and unauthorised movements trigger an alert.

In addition to providing lone worker support and protection, Ctrack ICE2 offers an effective mobile communications solution. Employees in the field can use the device to make and receive with up to 20 predefined numbers that can be remotely managed to better control costs. Four speed dial buttons are also available for key contacts, whilst a display screen means the device can receive texts.

John Wisdom, managing director of Ctrack, said: “With mobile employees constantly away from the office and on the move, the biggest challenge for any business is to ensure worker safety. Ctrack ICE2 is the ideal solution for companies to monitor the wellbeing of employees, whilst enabling them to call for assistance should a problem occur.”

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