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Kärcher UK launches its first robot scrubber dryer

Published 17th April, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Kärcher UK launches its first robot scrubber dryer

Kärcher UK has launched its first robotic cleaning machine: KIRA B 50, a fully autonomous scrubber dryer. Designed to tackle medium and large floor areas, this new compact cleaning robot is efficient, timesaving, easy, safe, flexible and completely autonomous when required.

The KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer robot utilises a proven roller brush technique, with a pre-sweeping function and side brush to clean up to the wall, 55cm working width, 160 Ah lithium-ion battery, and area performance of up to 15,000m² per day. The robot delivers consistent results, even on textured or uneven floors, efficiently completing a time-consuming job and freeing up cleaners to manage more complex cleaning tasks.

Suitable for floor cleaning in both smaller and large areas, KIRA B 50 is ideal for multiple sectors, including transport (airports, stations, logistics warehouses), retail units and shopping centres, healthcare settings (hospitals, care facilities), public buildings (schools, universities, museums, sports halls) or in the industry for cleaning production and manufacturing halls.

The water volume, detergent dosing and cleaning speed can be precisely pre-set, ensuring the cleaning fleet can be deployed based on speed. This safeguards a high level of cleaning quality, while simultaneously freeing up resources and reducing costs.

To maximise KIRA B 50’s autonomy, the optional docking station allows the unit to re-fill its water tank, drain and rinse the wastewater and recharge its battery with no intervention. All functions on the robot are easy to operate via the large touch display featuring an intuitive menu and user guidance, allowing for multiple user profiles and even different language options.

With integrated laser scanners, 3D and ultrasonic sensors and a powerful onboard computer, KIRA B 50 is capable of 360 detection of its surrounding areas with quick reactions and reliable navigation to ensure safety. It detects changes in its surroundings and initiates evasive manoeuvres, while integrated light modules notify people nearby of the robot’s behaviour, such as turning or charging. KIRA B 50 is safety certified for use in public areas according to the new industry standard.

Kärcher also offers a comprehensive service package through KIRA Care and KIRA Care Plus, with features such as web portal access, software updates and a functional guarantee, with trained and experienced service technicians on-hand to support. The plus package even ensures an immediate machine replacement in the event of machine failure.

KIRA B 50 is available for purchase or rental through Kärcher Hire, visit:

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