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Jangro reveals new floor cleaning machine range

Published 27th November, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Jangro reveals new floor cleaning machine range

Jangro has introduced its new range of floor cleaning machines for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Its new collection comprises vacuum cleaners, extraction machines, scrubber dryers, sweepers, and pressure washers to clean almost any flooring effectively, anywhere.

Durable, reliable and versatile, the new machine range by Jangro have also been designed with the environment in mind. Demonstrating Jangro’s commitment for eco-sustainability, the components of each machine are made with recycled plastic. The series offers a machine ideally matched for application in nearly any environment, including:

Professional Vacuum Cleaners including the JanVac D12 Dry Tub Vacuum, an extremely compact, dry use machine which performs efficiently on small surface areas like carpets, rugs, and hard floors, to the JanVac WD60 Wet & Dry Tub Vacuum. A machine designed specifically for use in settings with wide surfaces, such as the industrial, automotive, and logistics sectors. Its integrated drainpipe enables easy draining, making it the ideal solution to remove liquids and dry large surfaces after the cleaning process.

A comprehensive line of Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryers, including corded-electric and battery pedestrian micro scrubber-dryers, as well as those intended for larger areas. The JanScrub 50B Scrubber Dryer is designed for maximum productivity through its one-pass cleaning capability and is suitable for large areas of hard and soft floors. Its low noise level makes it perfect for use for daytime cleaning in commercial environments, such as retail, healthcare, and offices.

The JanVac EXT30 Extraction Machine is built for commercial use and is an excellent portable cleaner. Just right for cleaning medium size textile surfaces like sofas, carpets and rugs, it is well-suited for use in hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, and workshops.

There’s also a line of sweepers, from the manual powered JanSweep 25 Sweeper, designed to collect leaves and other debris from hard floor areas such as car parks, school playgrounds, parks, and warehouses, to the battery operated and virtually silent JanSweep50B Sweeper.

With the JanWash Hot Water Pressure Washer and its professional tools and accessories, stubborn and heavy-duty soils such as dirt, grease, and grit can be removed easily from outdoor surfaces, such as car parks, driveways, loading bays, compactor bays, as well as vehicles.

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, said: "We have listened to feedback to create solutions that address and revolutionise how our customers clean. Our new range of machines is designed to help them clean floors more effectively, more easily, and most important, more sustainably – regardless of the environment or surface type. We hope that these machines will ultimately help to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world."

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