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IoT product monitoring system launched

Published 27th August, 2019 by Neil Nixon

IoT product monitoring system launched

InnuScience is launching an Internet of Things (IoT) based product monitoring system. Its system - Connected Cleaning - works by monitoring product usage, which is then reported on a monthly basis against the budget per site. A key benefit of this system is to allow the proactive management of any deviations from budget that could potentially occur.

InnuScience can achieve the upfront results of strong chemical products by using biological actives - fermentation extracts, enzymes and microbes - to create a residual cleaning action that boosts standards.

Nick Winstone, UK managing director of InnuScience, said: “InnuScience is passionate about providing high performance, responsible products that leave lasting impressions, so that you can go green without compromising the quality of your cleaning. Our revolutionary biotechnology products offer superior performance and unrivalled value for money. They are also planet conscious and people friendly. Technology has the ability to transform the way we clean and the way we control the budgets around cleaning product spend. By monitoring our customer spend on cleaning products we can ensure that savings are being delivered and that product usage is optimal per customer site.”

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