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Introducing the Purell Solution

Published 17th March, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Introducing the Purell Solution

Gojo Industries-Europe Ltd is launching a new, complete solution to help fight the spread of germs in facilities across a variety of industries. Available in the UK, France and Germany, the Purell Solution features innovative new dispensers and a brand-new type of ‘healthy soap’, which benefits from ‘Clean Release Technology’ (CRT).

Purell Healthy Soap high performance foam hand wash products with CRT are specifically formulated to loosen dirt and germs, and the mild formulations remove more than 99% of dirt and germs and are gentle on skin - even with frequent use.

The revolutionary new Purell ES8 dispenser addresses the two most common service issues: dispensers running empty and worn out batteries. Its ‘at-a-glance’ refill design makes it easy to monitor product levels with one quick look, saving both time and labour - and potential customer complaints about empty dispensers.

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