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Improving healthcare efficiencies

Published 21st June, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Improving healthcare efficiencies

Healthcare institutions can improve their cleaning efficiency by installing Tork Vision Cleaning, claims Tork manufacturer Essity. This digital system helps hospital cleaners keep on top of cleaning and hygiene needs, freeing up time to carry out more hygiene-critical tasks.

Tork Vision Cleaning uses people-counters and connected dispensers to provide real-time data on cleaning requirements. This allows healthcare teams to stay ahead of the game and anticipate situations in which enhanced cleaning or extra checks might be required.

“The global pandemic has put infection prevention and the need for reducing healthcare-associated infections into sharp focus,” said Charishma Kothari, services and solutions director at Essity’s professional hygiene business. “The healthcare sector is struggling under the combined strain of staffing issues, stricter cleaning protocols and additional reporting duties. As a result, cleaning staff are expected to achieve more with the same - or fewer - resources.”

Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube.

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