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Hygiene ‘now over four times as important as customer service’ – report

Published 16th April, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Hygiene ‘now over four times as important as customer service’ – report

With COVID-19 having sent infection fears skyrocketing over the past year, new research reveals that more than half of customers prioritise hygiene and cleanliness above all else when it comes to the hospitality businesses they will visit post COVID-19.

According to the survey into 2000 members of the public, 54% of respondents reported hygiene to be the most important quality they look for from hospitality businesses, coming in significantly higher than both overall service quality (13.1%) and customer service (12.5%).

Highlighting the potential consequences in store for businesses that do not reassure anxious customers, the research also reveals that a staggering 98.7% of the public would be less likely to visit a business with a poor reputation for hygiene and infection control. Nearly a third (31%) would boycott these businesses altogether, and a further 34% would both boycott the business and warn others to also look elsewhere.

The research was carried out by infection control specialist JLA as part of its ‘Infection Insights’ campaign to improve standards, customer reassurance and peace of mind across the hospitality industry.

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