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How to maintain productive cleaning schedules

Published 18th January, 2019 by Neil Nixon

How to maintain productive cleaning schedules

Hard floor cleaning and maintenance, using manual mopping equipment, can represent up to 24% of a cleaning operative’s total working time.

Improving the efficiency of this task alone can deliver significant time and cost benefits for cleaning providers. An independent study conducted by Sitemark, the best practice benchmarking company, measured the efficiency of the Unger erGO! Clean mopping system versus other floor cleaning systems. The evaluation report highlighted the it to be 36% faster than the leading flat mop and 64% faster than a 12oz round mop to clean 100 sq m of floor.

The Unger erGO! Clean flat mopping system has a detachable and interchangeable bottle for cleaning solutions. Its unique ‘S’ curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist. A telescopic pole adjusts to the user’s height, preventing back issues.

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