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Hot water hard surface cleaner launched

Published 14th June, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Hot water hard surface cleaner launched

Kärcher has announced an additional version of its popular FRV 30 hard surface cleaner. The new FRV 30 Me is designed for use with hot or cold water pressure washers, up to temperatures of 80°C, meaning that the system can now be used in hygiene-critical areas.

Cleaning of tiled walls and hard floors with a pressure washer is a popular choice because it is fast and highly effective. However, one drawback of using high pressure for this kind of task is that a lot of splashing can occur and the water used for cleaning is left standing on the ground. As well as the obvious recontamination from foot or vehicle traffic, standing water creates a potentially severe slip hazard.

Kärcher's FRV 30 Me provides a solution to this. The device attaches to a pressure washer to clean floors and walls quickly and very thoroughly, and features a unique Venturi system that automatically pumps cleaning water away - meaning that the object being cleaned dries more quickly but with no extra power or water being used.

Because no waste water is left standing, the FRV is ideally suited for use indoors in tiled areas. Whether used indoors or out, it dramatically reduces the downtime of the area being cleaned or simply the time taken to manually clear away the water. And as well as reducing cleaning time, the FRV 30 Me consumes no extra power than the pressure washer it is attached to: it uses the power of water to create its vacuum.

For further information on how the FRV 30 can make a difference to your business, and to see a video of the device in action, visit

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