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Hospital cleaning - CSSA publishes update

Published 18th March, 2008 by Neil Nixon

Hospital cleaning - CSSA publishes update
The CSSA and its members continue to campaign for improvements to the funding and management of NHS cleaning services.

In January this campaign resulted in the CSSA collaborating with BBC Online to break the story that the £50 million hospital deep clean programme would be a waste of money if it was not backed up by increased funding for hospital cleaning. The story was a popular one, and resulted in a number of press interviews and follow up articles in the national press.

It is encouraging that the articles were very supportive of the CSSA line. Comment was received from the medical profession, NHS property managers and even the union movement, all agreeing with the view that the deep cleans must be supported by further action.
The public have also been supportive. Online comment in response to web articles in the national press shows a solid support for the CSSA’s views, with little in the way of contractor bashing.

Andrew Large, director general of the CSSA, said: “We have a long way to go, but the first six
weeks of 2008 are an encouraging start to our campaign. We will not stop until we have secured more money for hospital cleaning, because only then will cleaning be able to play its proper role in the fight against infections.”