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Hillbrush invests in a solar-powered future

Published 21st December, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Hillbrush invests in a solar-powered future

Hillbrush, the manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools, has extended its investment in solar power as part of the company’s commitment to making its UK production site far more energy efficient and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Based at Mere, Wiltshire, Hillbrush’s production site operates seven days a week, with multiple shifts, while the company’s visitor centre at Visit Hillbrush is open five days a week, together consuming more than 1276 MWh of electricity per annum. Hillbrush has recently invested to extend the solar panelling system comprising a total of 510 panels across all buildings. The solar investment will enable Hillbrush to make significant reductions in energy consumption as well as cost savings over time.

Adrian Brewer, facilities manager at Hillbrush, said: “Hillbrush is a forward-thinking British company that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. We have already made significant strides in using more sustainable components in our traditional brushes and we are delighted now to be extending our solar solution that ensures a more sustainable way to generate electricity and avoids significant CO2 emissions too.”

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