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Helping clients save - and earn - money

Published 8th April, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Helping clients save - and earn - money

A company that sells environmentally-friendly urinals with an integrated advertising platform is helping customers across the country not only to save money, but earn it too. North east-based Eco Ad Ltd is the only company in the UK with the rights to supply pubs, universities, businesses and sports and shopping centres with Falcon porcelain urinals, which never need flushing - saving water and reducing bills.

The urinals have already attracted customers as diverse as football clubs and the University of Kent.

In addition, the models stocked by Eco Ad Ltd also boast a panel, which can be used by companies to advertise their products or services - and it is this feature which makes them unique.

“We sell the advertising space to local and national advertisers and pay a percentage of the revenue back to the client,” said Eco Ad Ltd's managing director, David Porter. “They will see a return of 55-103% on their investment and will have recovered the cost of the urinal and replacement cartridges within 12 to 24 months - which is a far better return than they would get at a bank.”

Not only are the urinals energy efficient, but they are also claimed to be five times more hygienic than traditional, flushable urinals. Limescale in water mixes with uric sediment which causes blockages in pipes. This mixture also creates a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to bad smells.

Instead of using a flushing system, Eco Ad waterless urinals contain a removable, recyclable cartridge, which collects the uric sediment so only the fluid gets passed into the waste pipe - meaning no more blocked pipes or smelly washrooms.
The 16 urinals supplied to The University of Kent by Eco Ad Ltd are expected to save the university around 960,000 litres of water a year - cutting its water bills by as much as £3081 per annum.

Helen Close at The University of Kent said: “We are very happy with them so far. They are far less smelly that their predecessors and we're looking forward to making considerable savings on our water bills, too.”

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