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Helping businesses bounce back with new workplace guidance

Published 10th June, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Helping businesses bounce back with new workplace guidance

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and colleagues considering their return to the workplace, businesses must adapt their premises to recover quickly, according to Mitie’s new guide – ‘Bouncing back: Building the future workplace’.

While traditionally workspaces were thought of as places to perform set work tasks, increasingly businesses are using these spaces to facilitate collaboration, learning and networking among colleagues. Though this trend was emerging prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been accelerated by lockdown restrictions and the mass move to home working. With the widespread adoption of hybrid and remote working fuelled by lockdown, workspace design increasingly needs to adapt to current and future ways of working.

As businesses grapple with how to ensure their spaces are still fit for purpose, both now and in the future, Mitie has identified four pillars of activity that need to be considered to ensure premises provide the most effective working environment for colleagues and visitors - investment in colleague confidence, design for success, data and fact driven change, and technology enabled.

Carlo Alloni, managing director, technical services and integrated facilities management, Mitie, said: “How we work has changed unimaginably over the past year and so our workplaces must change too. While many of us have realised the benefits of working from home, effective workspaces will continue to play a key role in keeping colleagues productive and providing a space for collaboration that can’t be replicated online. Businesses that best understand, and harness, the relationship between their workplace, people and technology will be the ones who bounce back from lockdown the quickest.”

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