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Helping Bradford Council reduce energy bills

Published 5th April, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Helping Bradford Council reduce energy bills

Building controls specialist BG Controls is helping Bradford Metropolitan District Council save money by installing a state-of-the- art building management system (BMS) in six of its buildings. Bradford Council serves the local needs of the community through a variety of different services including rubbish collection, public libraries, sports centres and swimming pools.

BG Controls has recently upgraded the BMS for the following buildings: Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Bowling Pool, Jacob’s Well council offices, Neville Grange care home, Baildon Recreation Centre and Heaton Primary School. BG designed an intelligent heating control system for Jacob’s Well council offices, Neville Grange care home, Baildon Recreation Centre and Heaton Primary School. The system ensures that the heating is only on when it is needed thus providing its occupants with a comfortable environment and saving a considerable amount of money on energy bills.

For Richard Dunn Sports Centre, BG installed a lighting control system for the exterior of the building. As natural daylight is always fluctuating, the system senses the light levels outside and only turns on the outdoor lighting when it is needed.

All sites are open protocol with BACnet interfacing and can be controlled via one front end, which is based in Flockton House council offices. The BMS to any of the sites can also be accessed on Bradford Council’s intranet site via a web browser.

The front end is also linked to BG’s Bureau, a customer support service which is staffed by seven dedicated engineers and is operational 364 days a year, 15 hours a day. Bureau technicians can remotely dial in immediately to resolve any issues that may arise. No other independent systems integrator offers this level of service.

“This project had many challenges which BG overcame to design a bespoke solution to suit Bradford Council’s needs,” said BG’s onsite project manager, Martin Rogers. “We researched extensively into turbidity sensors and ran various trials to ensure the sensor would be the best possible system for the council’s swimming pools. The entire BMS needed an upgrade as it was dated and inefficient. With the new open protocol system that BG has installed, it will be cost effective and easy for Bradford Council to add to and upgrade it in the future. This will also result in further energy and financial savings.”

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