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Hand protection assessment survey

Published 14th June, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Hand protection assessment survey

Selecting the most appropriate glove for a given task is a potential minefield. Purchasing cheap, inferior hand protection may seem like a cost effective option, but sub-standard hand protection will ultimately leave workers exposed and at risk from injuries that could stop them working and carrying out basic day to day tasks. Injuries can also occur when businesses over-simplify the hand protection selection process and choose an ‘all in one’ solution when, in most instances, different tasks require different levels and types of hand protection.

Potential savings can also be overlooked when selecting hand protection as managers and employers may choose hand protection products that have been over-specified for simple tasks where perfectly suitable, cheaper options may be available.

To combat these issues and to help with the selection of the right hand protection for the task, Polyco is launching a new, best practice initiative with a comprehensive hand protection assessment survey. The survey will help navigate the sea of choice and bypass inferior counterfeit and unregulated products, making sure that the right protection is being selected within organisations and ensuring they are fit for purpose.

The Polyco hand protection assessment survey offers:

• A documented process that will support risk assessment procedures.
• Identification of areas where improvements can be made financially and adhere to best practice procedures.
• A review of existing hand protection policies and an audit of requirements.
• Professional industry expertise and advice.
• A safeguard against expensive injury claims and time lost due to workplace injury.
• A comprehensive report, highlighting the most appropriate specifications of hand and arm protection.

Mark Mastrangelo, marketing manager at Polyco, said: “Polyco is delighted to be able to offer this new initiative. It offers free, professional advice by hand protection specialists to help and guide organisations to ensure they provide their workforce with the most appropriate hand protection. The survey asks a series of questions and drills down to identify the specific needs of the task. The results are compiled and our industry experts are then able to identify the specification of hand protection that would be most appropriate. The results are highlighted and delivered in a comprehensive report. Although Polyco has developed the survey, it is important that the organisation recognises that the survey identifies the most suitable specification of hand protection required for the task and that Polyco may not necessarily have a standard product that fits the bill. Fortunately, with the most advanced technical and innovation centre in the UK, we are rarely left in a position where we are unable to help. Polyco has been designing and manufacturing gloves since 1979 and so, as the UK’s leading glove manufacturer, the company is in a very strong position to offer sound, quality advice and ensure that the outcome of the hand protection assessment survey is appropriate to each organisation.”

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