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H2O dryers 'virtually eliminate running costs'

Published 10th December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

H2O dryers 'virtually eliminate running costs'

At the end of 2012, Miele Professional is to launch new commercial tumble dryers which are heated using hot water. This water can come from a variety of sources - for example from solar-thermal energy, district heating, an on-premise co-generation plant or residual heat from a laundry.

Principle of operation: The hot water is used to heat process air in a heat exchanger in a H2O dryer with programmes specially designed to take gentle care of laundry at lower process air temperatures. This new type of heating will be available on tumble dryers with various load capacities, ranging from 325 to 800 litre models for 10 to 32 kg of laundry. All models feature Miele's patented honeycomb drum.

The new H2O dryer reduces heating costs to virtually zero if the source of heat is a co-generation plant. In this case, the hot water is a by-product of cooling the generation plant and does not need to be heated separately. This approach also offers the additional benefit of cooling the water in the H2O dryer for reuse again as cooling water in co-generation.

In fact, if the heat produced by a small heating power station cannot be used by, say, a tumble dryer or a swimming pool, the co-generation plant may even have to be switched off with the result that cheap electricity may temporarily be unavailable. Looked at this way, the new dryer makes an invaluable contribution towards the efficient use of existing energy. First pilot units have proved their validity in field trials already.

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