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Green Sack adds up for 3663

Published 8th April, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Green Sack adds up for 3663

3663 has joined the growing list of high-profile food service companies and distributors of janitorial supplies now stocking the Green Sack. The decision to carry the 100% recycled refuse sacks from bpi.recycled products is believed to be a direct result of the sack’s unrivalled green credentials and the fact they are certified under the CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme.

Lorcan Mekitarian, sales director at bpi.recycled products, said: “Our Green Sack range of 100% recycled refuse sacks offer today’s refuse sacks supplier a number of impressive and particularly valuable advantages. This includes environmental credentials that are second to none thanks to the fact that they are not only made from 100% recycled polythene, helping to conserve resources and diverting waste from landfill, but also that they’re produced from UK waste recycled at UK facilities. This means they benefit from fewer product miles and a lower carbon footprint than most other 100% recycled refuse sacks which are typically produced in the Far East as well as up to a third smaller than refuse sacks made from virgin materials. In addition, the Green Sack’s certification under the CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme gives purchasers the reassurance that they are manufactured to independently assessed quality standards and that they are certified as being clearly labelled and fit for purpose. We’re delighted that 3663 has recognised these advantages and has joined a rapidly expanding customer base that already includes many of the biggest names in foodservice, janitorial supplies and facilities management.”

Stuart Jones, 3663 buyer, added: “The decision to switch to the Green Sack range was a relatively easy one. Their strong green credentials are perfectly aligned to our own environmental aims which support our belief in offering greener products and in reducing our impact on the environment. Not only that, but their approval under the CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme enables us to buy with complete confidence. bpi.recycled products also offers the added benefit of being a CHSA member and has shown itself capable of delivering consistent product quality along with an impressive reputation for reliability of supply.”

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