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Green Forest Green Rovers

Published 22nd February, 2024 by Neil Nixon

Green Forest Green Rovers

Delphis Eco has announced a new partnership with Forest Green Rovers Football Club - the greenest football team in the world, according to FIFA. The collaboration is based on shared values and a mutual passion to put sustainability at the core of every decision that is made. Whether reducing emissions or measuring and lowering carbon footprint it’s all about doing business the right way and doing ‘good’.

Forest Green Rovers will be using Delphis Eco ecological washroom products across all its bathrooms and hospitality areas within the Club, and the cleaning brand’s ground-breaking and powerful laundry products will be used to wash the team’s kits.

Delphis Eco’s naturally plant-based cleaning products are vegan-friendly which complements the fact that Forest Green Rovers is well known for being a vegan football club. It’s also about telling the story to fans! Delphis Eco will also feature pitch side within the Club’s LED advertising boards, all of which are powered by a battery that charges from the sun, to let fans know that the washroom products they are using at the ground are protecting their health and the health of the environment.

Dane Vince, Director of Projects at Forest Green Rovers, said: "Much like Forest Green Rovers, Delphis Eco is an organisation that places the environment at the heart of decision-making and never stops innovating. Their attention to detail and drive to find sustainable solutions have made them a world-leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products. This alignment of values makes the partnership between Delphis Eco and Forest Green Rovers a great fit, for both the current stadium and the new training ground at EcoPark. We’re thrilled to have them join us on our journey.”

Founder and CEO of Delphis Eco, Mark Jankovich, said: “Forest Green Rovers Footfall Club represents a real and incredibly welcome paradigm shift toward sustainability in the world of sports. This is considered in every level of the Club’s operation, from the plant-based food they serve in the stadium, to the electric bus the team uses to travel between games. This approach is something we also live and breathe at Delphis Eco; it’s understanding that reducing our impact has to come from every area of the business, including the suppliers we use. We’re immensely proud to work with FGR and join the Club’s growing family of like-minded business partners. We especially look forward to seeing on-site messaging supporting our collaboration and telling the story is enormously important both to the Club and ourselves. This will be seen pitch-side in the LED lights, and in the bathroom and hospitality areas to communicate eco-credentials to both home and travelling fans. We want them to know that these products are safer for them to use too.”

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