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Getting the right skills for the Green Deal

Published 18th October, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Getting the right skills for the Green Deal

A series of events are being held to raise awareness of the skills required under the Green Deal, the government's flagship policy for improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Green Deal Connections events are free and UK-wide, and will benefit those working in energy assessment, advice and installation. They are being organised by the Green Deal Alliance (GDSA) partnership made up of three Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) - Asset Skills, ConstructionSkills and SummitSkills.

Richard Beamish, chief executive of Asset Skills, the SSC for property and facilities management, said: “The government is committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. It is crucial that you attend this event if you want to remain at the forefront of the Green Deal and acquire the necessary information on the skills and accreditations needed to advise on and install new green technologies.”

The events are UK-wide and will cover: the Green Deal policy, with a speaker from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC); overview of the Green Deal skills process including qualifications, accreditation, regulatory bodies and the Green Deal Code of Conduct; skills scope - energy assessment /advice and all aspects of installation - both domestic and non-domestic; low carbon groups and other activity according to region; and the creation of network connections and contacts to successfully implement Green Deal.

The events are targeting: potential Green Deal suppliers - energy suppliers, local authorities, housing associations, private suppliers, etc; energy assessors and advisors (current and prospective); installers - insulation installers, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians, renewable technologies installers, etc; property, building and environmental technology trade associations; professional bodies; trade unions; and awarding bodies, learning providers and certification/accreditation bodies.

The GDSA will develop and implement the Green Deal Competency Framework, which aims to develop common standards and qualifications to sit across all aspects of Green Deal assessment, advice and installation. The project is funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills through Phase 1 of the Employer Investment Fund.

Mark Farrar, chief executive of CITB-ConstructionSkills, said: “The Green Deal Connection events are an important way for SMEs to understand what skills and training they will need to prepare for the forthcoming Green Deal, which rolls out in just one year. The time to prepare for the future is now and it is vital that firms, particularly SMEs, are able to meet demand for the construction of low carbon technology, as well as knowing how not to fall foul of changing regulations. Government has already made it clear that only those qualified will be able to secure work from the Green Deal. These events are supported by CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Cut the Carbon campaign which is helping SMEs understand the impact of new legislative requirements impacting on carbon emissions, developing the right mix of knowledge and skills to respond to this demand and to ensure that government and larger contractors adequately support SMEs in meeting green skills needs.”

Keith Marshall, chief executive of SummitSkills, said: “There has been so much talk recently about Green Deal that unsurprisingly many employers tell us they are unsure of where to start to prepare their people and their organisations to support and take advantage of the initiative. These events will guide visitors through the mass of information towards exactly what potential installers of environmental technologies need to know. Working with our partners Asset Skills and ConstructionSkills has enabled us to make the most of our joint resources and of each Sector Skills Council’s expertise in their industries.”

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