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FWC reaches national award finals

Published 1st June, 2021 by Neil Nixon

FWC reaches national award finals

The Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) has been nominated for Best Membership Association in the National Association Awards (NAA) and has now moved forward to the finals after winning support in a public vote.

The group of finalists, which the NAA describes as the ‘best of the UK’s exceptional membership associations’ has been invited to attend an awards ceremony in London on 27 July, where the winners will be announced.

The NAA describes reaching the finals as an ‘incredible achievement’ which reflects ‘commitment and hard work’. Its awards celebrate the hard work of associations, federations, chambers, societies and membership organisations across all sectors.

Andrew Lee, chairman and safety officer at the FWC, said: “The FWC getting to the finals is fantastic news and is really positive feedback for both management and staff alike. It is really nice to know we are doing our jobs well, supporting and helping our members the best we can.”

Kate Lawrence, a director of Cleanbrite UK, originally nominated the FWC for the award last year, because the benefits of membership were ‘significant’ and ‘very good value’. At the time, she said: “The website is excellent, you can access current tender opportunities, health and safety advice, people are selling things, it feels like there is a proper community. The customer service is top class. Whenever there is an issue, Beryl and the team go out of the way to help. Everyone is so nice.”

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