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Floor pads for a greener world

Published 29th October, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Floor pads for a greener world

Contico Manufacturing Ltd and Robert Scott & Sons Ltd have introduced a new range of ‘greener’ colour coded floor pads which have replaced the group’s existing range of standard and ultra high-speed floor maintenance pads - ideal for stripping, scrubbing, cleaning, buffing and the polishing of hard floor surfaces.

Vernon Holmes, commercial director of Contico manufacturing Ltd, said: “These new floor pads are a proven environmentally sound solution to the manufacturing process involved in making floor pads, which ensures that we are now able to deliver a sustainable, high quality and efficient answer to the care of hard flooring. Made from 100% recycled materials, including recycled plastic drinks bottles, the new floor pads are manufactured using water-based latex resins as binders negating the need for solvents of any kind. Advanced Government approved air scrubbers are also used in the manufacturing process to stop any harmful emissions being produced and the entire range is now packaged in ‘brown’ corrugated cartons produced from 100% recycled consumer post waste. The most important aspect of this new range, however, is that they have been designed to provide superior performance levels compared to our existing range. These new floor pads provide a continuous contact with the floor surface, hugging uneven surfaces, ensuring easier dirt pick up. The pads can be used on both sides without loss of efficiency whilst their open web design ventilates the heat generated, providing greater air flow through the pads and thus holding onto captured dirt. With a more compressed profile these colour coded pads are available in a full range of sizes from 6” through to 27” and, whilst the black pads have a different structure and look thinner than before, they have a more aggressive stripping action and improved life expectancy.”

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