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Floor cleaning to hospital standards

Published 6th July, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Floor cleaning to hospital standards

Broomfield Hospital in Essex achieves outstanding scores for overall quality and cleanliness of wards in patient surveys. Helping it achieve these high standards are Duplex scrubber dryers.

The Duplex 420 washes, mops, scrubs, dries, polishes and disinfects all floors. Broomfield Hospital has 30 Duplex 420s. They are used throughout the wards, and will soon be used to maintain the floors in the new hospital building opening later this year.

Domestic services team leader, Debbie Munn, is particularly impressed with the Duplex’s performance on hard to clean safety flooring: “Nothing brings up the washroom floors like the Duplex. And they’re so quick and simple to use, and lightweight across the floor.”

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