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Fimap - Italian passion for innovation

Published 22nd September, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Fimap - Italian passion for innovation

Well established throughout Europe, Fimap is using in excess of 40 years experience to support its efforts in redefining attitudes to mechanical floor cleaning. This passion is epitomised by the Genie, a market leader in compact scrubber dryers.

Fimap designs and develops equipment based on the fundamentals that a product has to be affordable at the point of purchase and cost effective in use. Massimiliano Ruffo, CEO of Fimap, disputes the premise that innovation has to be more expensive than existing technology and cites Fimap's range of new micro riders as a prime example: “Larger capacity, quieter, more environmentally friendly, simpler to use and easier to maintain… yet with pricing in line with pedestrian machines.”

Kevin Day, Fimap’s UK country manager, added:?“Machine manufacturers have to deliver benefits and improve productivity. In an industry driven by labour costs this is surely a great benefit.”

Not only is the Fimap product range new to the UK market but equally important is Fimap’s attitude to working with its partners. Kevin Day believes that success and security is born from working together and never more so than in today’s economic climate: “Fimap is looking for UK partners who are not only brand strong but also brand proud. I believe an association with Fimap can only strengthen this position.”

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