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Exclusive plays to strengths at HQ Theatres

Published 3rd February, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Exclusive plays to strengths at HQ Theatres

A revision of cleaning management and training is resulting in better and improved outcomes for a chain of 10 regional theatres operated by HQ Theatres and Hospitality (HQT&HHQ) across the south of the UK. The roster includes unique and well-known venues such as The Wycombe Swan, Watford Colosseum, The Cliffs Pavilion in Southend, and Swindon's Wyvern Theatre and Arts Centre.

Ensuring audiences, staff and production casts are happy in equal measure falls to incumbent contractor, Exclusive Contract Services. "We've been getting very positive reviews from general managers for many of these sites," said contract manager, Paul Burton. "We're complimented for managing our staff who have taken to our training programme so well and so effectively for which we thank them. Collectively, we are creating environments that simply look refreshed and remain that way for longer. And at the end of the day, that's a significant part of what we're here for."

Burton continued: "When we took the HQ Theatres contract on, the staff wanted direction as they seemed stuck in the same routine, day after day. Now, 10 months on, we have people fully motivated, fully trained and adapting to meet the specific cleaning requirements of each site. With each theatre being so unique in terms of building structure, fabrics, location, and clientele, we moved away from the traditional ‘one cleaning specification fits all' approach and commenced tailoring each individual site's cleaning requirements to be dedicated to tasks based on projections and footfall."

One of Exclusive's priorities when securing a new contract is to ensure the company gets the cleaners working the ‘Exclusive Way', the name for the company's newly-designed interactive training platform. "Whether new to the business or long-standing employees, everyone at Exclusive is currently undertaking training via the platform, under the overall guidance of our group training manager," said Burton.

Exclusive fields a total of 70 staff to the HQT&HHQ contract

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