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Evogen Professional: changing perceptions

Published 8th November, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Evogen Professional: changing perceptions

Genesis Biosciences is aiming to change the perception of biological technology used in the facilities management industry with its Evogen Professional product range. The microbial range of cleaning products has been developed using eco-benign chemistry and specific Bacillus strains in order to create strong performing and environmentally safe solutions for customers.

Dr Emma Saunders, general manager of Genesis Biosciences, said: “Biological products have been available on the market for several years, however, feedback from the facilities management industry has been that the products are expensive, rarely live up to their claims and do not demonstrate a step forward to the customer. With Evogen Professional we want to change that perception.”

Dr Saunders continued: “A crucial part of what we're trying to do at Genesis is change the perceptions that facilities management contractors have of biological cleaning products. I think people are often put off at the thought of using bacteria-based formulations to clean facilities, but our research and results for clients proves that our products carry a huge number of benefits over harsher chemical cleaners. Fundamentally they're more effective. We engineer specific strains of Bacillus bacteria to achieve targeted, application-specific results, and the Bacillus bacteria continue to degrade organic matter long after being applied. Chemical products simply don't offer this level of protection. In addition, our products are cheaper in the long-term. Yes, chemical cleaning products might be cheaper to purchase, but they're only effective for a short period which means they have to be reapplied time and time again, increasing labour costs, all the while slowly damaging the surfaces on which they're applied. The long-term labour and building maintenance costs of larger facilities can be a huge burden for companies, but our products can help to alleviate those financial challenges. Safety is another huge benefit gained from using our Evogen Professional range. Evogen Professional offers greater protection to end-users in comparison to chemical alternatives and the products are safe to handle and apply for workers. Our products also contain patented eco-benign chemistry, which means our products have a minimal impact on the environment. We're confident in saying that Evogen Professional is a unique product range that delivers superior, documented, scientifically validated and verified results, and is safe for the user and the environment. By offering a genuine eco-friendly and sustainable market alternative, we believe we can help businesses economically while also protecting the environment as well as their customers and employees."

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